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EMBRACE is an exploration from an a much larger archived project titled, Hue-manizing Design. The project aims to explore the experience of black womanhood from one’s own point of view. Some research allows you to question the implications biased image portrayals in media affect the lived experiences for black women.


Social Design, Print Publication




Photography and typography were the primary mediums used for this initial exploration of black womanhood.
An essential theme in visually articulating the narrative here was, confronting the concept of black woman feeling ‘unseen’ ‘unheard’ and ‘unacknowledged’ in society’s lens. The goal was to rediscover new ways to showcase black woman that was true to them. 


Black Women

The women in the photos were selected because they each had unique stories with glaring similarities in their lived experiences.


We conducted interviews to uncover truths that lie below the physical surface. When interacted with in-person, the audience is encouraged to come closer to these images and discover truths in an intimate way.

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