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Heard Creative Co. is an emerging consultancy firm dedicated to strengthening company initiatives with focus and human-centered solutions. Their ethos is steeped in making sure you’re heard, while creating strategic and sustainable solutions through research, strategy, and design for organizations serving the greater social good.


Branding, Visual Identity, Web


Heard Creative Co.



This branding project was special in many ways, mainly because it was inspired by family legacy and the culmination of life’s experiences as It relates to impact and purpose in the world. Conversations with founder, Lilia LaGesse allowed us to explore a logo design that would visually emulate a seal-like mark or family crest.

The challenge was finding balance between creating a custom, yet simplistic pictorial mark that could be read easily. The shapes of the logo mark also correspond to Heard’s 4 core pillars of its brand: accessibility, brand strategy, creative strategy and design.


Web & Mobile

The Heard Creative Co. brand was developed with themes of nostalgia, family ancestry and dreamscapes would be used to ground our creative thinking around conveying this brand to the community.


Since the webpage is an essential destination for prospective partners, we were intentional about showcasing the visual narrative as clearly as possible without overshadowing the user experience.

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